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CCL Copper Clad Laminate Sheet

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FR-4/CEM-3/AL Copper Clad Board FR-4 copper clad laminated sheet,use glass fiber cloth as substrate material, immersed with epoxy resin, bake into prepreg sheet, combined several prepreg sheets single side or double sides with... READ MORE

Epoxy Resin Fiber Glass Winding End Ring

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Product description and application The sleeve of epoxy resin fiberglass forms in the process which non-alkali fiberglass dipped epoxy resin liquor twists along tubing axis with 50-60 degree ,, The product is widely... READ MORE


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1.No flaw,crack in the surface and interior  ,each bar color uniform(green or light yellow). 2.Can withstand the sawing,milling,planning,drilling,lathe and other mechanical processing. 3.Internal thread can be tapping with screw tap,external thread can be... READ MORE

Epoxy Resin Sheet Mechanic Parts

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Description: 1. Heat resistance class: F 2.Producing procedure: G10,G11 Epoxy plate is made from electricity fiberglass cloth immeresed with epoxy resin through hot pressing. 3. Characteristics: G10 laminate epoxy plate is with  high... READ MORE

Polyimide Fiberglass Cloth Insulation End Ring

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Description: With their high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical toughness, natural lubricity, wear-resistance & insulation properties. It provides operating temperatures H level, great plasma resistance, plus a UL rating for minimal electrical and... READ MORE